Robotics & Artificial Inteligence

Make your ideas come robots!

What is Androtics?

Androtics is a firm to create all kind of projects related with robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) or neuroscience.

The main goal is to make real any idea in mind! For instance, the creation of different robots from scratch or the implementation of different state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

 In Androtics, all the developed projects are open source, i.e., anybody can reproduce or modify these projects,  using platforms such as  arduino  or raspberry pi

The algorithms are programmed and implemented in Python, C++ or Java, normally in Linux.

ROS (Robot Operating system), which is a set of libraries and tools that is popular in the robotic field,  is used to put together and integrate all the algorithms implemented for each robot.

Robots and projects


with a strong personality


the power of 4 limbs

Delta is a wheeled robot able to move around the room and maintain a conversation. Its animated eyes help to give expressivity while interacting with humans. The most prominent feature of Delta is its personality, which it’s not very friendly. 

Pavlov is a project about building a quadruped robot, based on the popular robot spot mini  from  the company Boston Dynamics, but still unfinished.

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